Changes Millennial Leadership Is Bringing to the Workforce

For years, experts have been talking about the “millennial workforce of the future“. If you haven’t been paying close attention, you might have missed the fact that this “future” has arrived. Millennials are quickly becoming the dominant population in the U.S. workforce. A large number of them are taking on leadership roles, and this trend is expected to increase over the coming years. As millennial leadership becomes more common, you’re likely to see some shifts in the way companies are managed.

Changes in Business Processes

Pushback Against Hierarchy & Structure

Millennial leadership is all about pushing back against the norms. The new generation of leaders refuses to do things a certain way just because that’s the way it has always been done. They’re not afraid to take a close look at policies and change or discard them if they no longer make sense. Multiple layers of hierarchy and strict structures also feel overly limiting to up-and-coming leaders. Millennial leadership is focused on flattening out hierarchies and collaborating across them.

Transition to “Servant Leadership”

For most millennials, financial gain and creating a legacy aren’t the primary reasons for pursuing leadership positions. Instead, millennials are excited about the opportunity to empower others. They’re more likely to become both personally and professionally invested in their team members. For this generation, the success and happiness of employees is a reflection of successful leadership.

Emphasis on Teamwork

Teamwork is another critical component of millennial leadership. Up-and-coming leaders often focus on building relationships. They’re far more likely to seek the opinions of their team members before making major company-wide decisions. This is a move away from the traditional authoritative leadership approach.

Focus on Innovation

“Thinking outside the box” isn’t anything new. However, millennials thrive on unorthodox approaches. This new generation of leaders is focused on finding the next big thing, and they understand that they’ll sometimes need to take big risks to get there. This means you’ll often see fewer restrictive processes and protocols and a push towards throwing things at the wall to see what sticks.

Commitment to Diversity

Diversity is another cornerstone of millennial leadership. The new generation of leaders truly embraces the value of recruiting and hiring employees from all walks of life. They understand that a diverse workplace brings fresh perspectives that will continue to propel their organizations in the right direction.

Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance is a buzzword that has been floating around for years. However, millennial leadership embraces this in a whole new way. Millennials are focused on finding ways for employees to enjoy time with their families while also meeting the needs of their employers. This includes a major push towards the ability to work from home and other flexible workplace initiatives.

Millennial Leadership Is Here to Stay

Millennial leadership is changing the business world, and it’s here to stay. If you want to make sure your up-and-coming leaders are prepared to guide your business into the future, the time to invest in them is now. Nextgen Evolution provides an executive, MBA-style curriculum that will help turn your millennial employees into the next generation of successful leaders. Call 855-922 BOAR to learn more!