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By 2025, 75 percent of the workforce will be 30 or younger,

Our workforce is changing at the #SpeedOfATweet, where leaders need mentoring, empowerment, and the freedom to let their skillsets soar.

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Las Vegas Now Enrolling through 08/23/22
Virtual Orientation on 07/26/22
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An Executive MBA-Style Curriculum for the New Generation of Leadership

Every month, NextGen leaders will learn as a team, leveraging their diverse backgrounds and experiences. They will be engaged and energized. Steeped in evolving practical business concepts and transformational leadership styles that will be applied to your industry and organization.

Your NextGen Leader Will Develop:

Complex decision-making skills

Superior communication skills

Deeper understanding of business finances

Effective leadership skills

Enhanced personal accountability

A Collaboration of What Works and What’s Next

In addition to the basic fundamentals of leadership, NextGen leaders are intrinsically social, and socially conscious. This program identifies the missing skills evolving managers need—while appealing to their natural openness and agile minds. NextGen Evolution prepares them for success in a dynamic workplace.


The cumulative years of experience, information and practical knowledge, all in one package, have made a huge difference in my leadership capabilities!

Nick Riell, B.Sc., FMT, MAT

Fitness Manager, Corporate Performance LLC, ZEROlevel Fitness and Wellness

The program is a focused experience for executives that ties together education, experience and emotional intelligence. I have three executives in the program, because I believe that balance is the greatest gift for the future of my company and legacy.

Guy Wells

President/CEO, Wells Cargo

Cultivating the Complete Leader


To bring out the best in NextGen leaders, we teach:

Self-Perception: Participants will use proven personality and Emotional Quotient (EQ) assessments to better know themselves, and better understand how their unique beliefs impact their relationships—both in and out of the workplace.

Execution: They will learn the art of successful execution through goal setting, measuring progress, and accountability.

Enriching Enterprise Value: They will develop a deep understanding of your organization’s economic challenges, then learn how to leverage Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into extraordinary financial results.

World and Workplace: They will step out of their comfort zones, embrace changing culture and perspectives, and hone their ability to identify the next big thing, giving your organization a global, future-forward focus.

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