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You are prepared to be the Next Generation of LEADERSHIP in your community, now is the time to level up and become that leader TODAY with NextGen LevelUp.

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Leadership development

NextGen LevelUp Leaders Will Be Ready To

Apply complex decision-making skills in the real world, including negotiation and advanced leadership skills

Utilize superior communication skills to lead from an executive level

Develop a deeper understanding of business fundamentals, including finances and time management

Develop effective team-building skills, including conflict management and company culture tools

Enhance your EQ skills and learn to communicate more effectively both internally and in public speaking

What to Expect

NextGen LevelUp is an exclusive program designed for our NextGen graduates and executives. Take your skills to the next level with one-to-one coaching, group coaching, and 12 months of intensive leadership training. Every month, NextGen LevelUp leaders will continue to learn as a team, leverage their diverse backgrounds and experiences, and continue to successfully serve as leaders in the community. Individually, you will gain the confidence and competence needed to be a true leader in today’s world.

By 2025, 75 percent of the workforce will be millennial age or younger.

Our workforce is changing at a rapid pace, where leaders need mentoring, empowerment, and the freedom to let their skillset soar.

NextGen Evolution

What You’ll Learn

12-months to LevelUp your leadership skills and become the leader in your community today.

This program is designed for those NextGen graduates and executives who are ready to take the reins and learn to lead an organization from an executive level. We take what you learned in NextGen and level it up with a deeper dive into all of the following topics:

Emotional Intelligence

Advanced Leadership Skills

Team Building

Conflict Management

Creating a Culture of Accountability

Public Speaking and Presentation

Time Management