Customizable group coaching for your leadership team

Invest in your leadership team with group coaching

Group Coaching

Your Leaders are the Most Important Assets You Have. They are the ones most attuned to your company’s potential and performance. When they are at their best, the whole organization benefits.

BOAR WithIn Group coaching pulls together your selected managers and executives. This customizable program is based on a relationship of mutual respect, trust and freedom of expression.

Customized to your needs

BOAR WithIn is an ongoing group coaching program that is designed to fit the specific needs of your team.

Leadership development

Benefits of
Group Coaching

Long-term performance excellence

Personal self-awareness


Continuous personal growth

What to Expect

BOAR WithIn is an ongoing program where participants will gather in small groups and get together one-on-one to focus on sharing practical formulas, winning tools and best practices that can be used and reused.

We bring nationally recognized speakers and future-forward thinkers to you.

Our professional observations and techniques are offered and balanced performance feedback is provided according to your company’s needs.

BOAR Within is an ongoing and renewable program geared to support life-long learning development. Let’s talk about the needs of your team.

BOAR Within

What You’ll Learn

BOAR Within is a customizable program that emphasizes the following main principles.

Long-Term Performance Excellence

Meet mutually agreed-upon standards of performance, presence, strategic-effective communication across cultures, and across audiences.

Personal Self-Awareness

Re-assess professional competencies and potential blind-spots in light of current and future professional responsibilities. Examine assumptions and patterns of thinking, planning, self-monitoring, and self-evaluation.


Increase personal motivation to adapt styles as the result of self-confidence and self-efficiency. Prepare in advance to adjust mentally and physically, in–the-moment and in accordance with emerging and unexpected circumstances.

Continuous Personal Growth

Set goals to speak and network in settings which engage values and personal enthusiasms and provide challenging opportunities for learning.