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Cultivate Your Organization’s Future Leaders

Our 12-month NextGen Evolution program focuses on business facets that are paramount for effective leadership. NextGen Evolution participants learn about embracing differences as leaders and how to lean into interpersonal communication and conflict management. In addition, each quarter focuses on key business areas that will have measurable impacts on your organization. Our participants graduate with an awareness of how they play an important role in developing your business, its culture, and its future.

With NextGen Evolution, your future leaders will build a solid foundation steeped in evolving practical business concepts and transformational leadership styles. To bring out the best in each NextGen Evolution leader, we teach:

Complex decision-making skills

21st-century leaders face making difficult decisions daily. We will teach your leaders how to work through business strategy and execution, giving them the skillset to make essential decisions to support your organization’s goals.

Superior communication skills

We will help your up-and-coming leaders tackle today’s most challenging business problem, communication. NextGen Evolution graduates learn how to navigate diverse conversations with intention, clarity, and focus on the real issues.

Deeper understanding of business finances

Let’s face it, business financials can be complicated. NextGen Evolution trains your up-and-coming leaders to understand essential business financial systems and reports. With this knowledge, they will have confidence that they are making financial decisions in the best interest of your company’s goals.

Effective leadership skills

Great leaders know the right questions to ask and recognize the power of a team. Your NextGen Evolution leaders will graduate understanding the qualities of great leaders and learn throughout the year how to develop themselves so that they feel confident in their unique abilities to lead your company to success.

Enhanced personal accountability

Accountability starts within. The foundation of NextGen Evolution centers around setting the proper context for responsible leadership. Effective leadership requires high levels of personal accountability, and that’s what we teach, coach, and role model with each course.

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An Executive MBA-Style Program for the Next Generation of Leaders

Every month, NextGen Evolution leaders will learn as a team, leveraging their diverse backgrounds and experiences. As a result, they will be engaged and energized while studying evolving practical business concepts and transformational leadership styles that will apply to your organization.

Quarter 1

Emotional Intelligence and Strategic Communication

  • DiSC Training
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Listening Skills
  • Public Speaking and Effective Communication

Quarter 2

Organizational Life Cycles and Culture

  • Company Culture
  • Business Life Cycle
  • Leadership Development
  • Facing Our Fear in Communication

Quarter 3


  • Business Finance
  • Personal Finance

Quarter 4

Strategy, Integrity and Ethical Communication

  • Strategy and Execution 
  • The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals
  • Integrity 

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