A Courageous Community Creating Personal and Professional Greatness

Founded by professionals passionate about bringing authenticity into the boardroom and strategic outcomes into individual lives.

BOAR Values:

Born of Integrity

Open Hearts



 Expand your knowledge.  Achieve your goals. Borrow the insights and experience – and lend your own – to a group of like-minded CEOs, business owners and leaders. 

Invest in the power of the BOAR Room, and spend your time forging your own success.

BOAR Room Benefits Include:

Gain Experience From Other Business Leaders

Exchange Insight With CEOs And Top Executives

Unlock Unlimited Potential

Increase Your Confidence

Gain Clarity Around Blind Spots

Improve Decision-Making

Our workforce is changing at the #SpeedOfATweet, where leaders need mentoring, empowerment, and the ability to take their skillsets and soar.

Your leaders work as a group to learn vital business and interpersonal skills that can improve your company’s development and employee performance at all levels. 

Clarify your vision, plan your next steps, and learn how to pivot while always keeping your eye on the goal.

A Passion for Personal and Professional Greatness

The ability to form relationships based on love and integrity affects every aspect of your life. You become a better leader, business partner, colleague and friend and, mostly importantly, a more thoughtful, savvy and confident YOU.

Our programs will teach

Business fundamentals and how they work in a changing world.

Emotional intelligence for optimal interactions, both with colleagues and customers.

Skills that will help boost performance and reward talent.

About BOAR

BOAR is both inspiration and a path for action. The animal is fearless and headstrong, symbolizing truth, courage and confrontation. In the wild, the boar nature is to uncover what lies beneath the surface. They demand attention. They respect their senses. These qualities influence our values.

BOAR Declarations

We are Committed to Every Interaction Coming from Love, Integrity and Authenticity.

We Believe the Secret to Living is Giving and a Life in Contribution is well spent.

We Can Achieve Anything We Want By Supporting Others to Achieve What They Want.


To Create BOAR Communities Globally for the Benefit of Humanity.

To Engage, Educate, and Empower People To Live Courageously.

To Inspire Ourselves And Those Around Us To Be Role Models for a World That Works.

To Have Fun, Be Grateful, and Enjoy Every Moment!


“I would use three words to describe my BOAR Room experience: compassion, accountability, and growth. There is a genuine caring about where you’re at and who you are. The whole BOAR Room group cares about what’s going on in your life, and they want to help you out.”

Tom Burns

President, Cragin & Pike

“It’s been transformational being part of a BOAR Room group. You’re with individuals who have had experiences different from yours and bring diverse perspectives to what you’re doing in business. It’s helped me learn and grow and expand upon what I’m doing.”

Chris Wener

Owner, Spectrum Services, Inc.

Our Founders

Guy Wells

Wells Cargo Inc.

Michael Reiss

Southern Nevada Chiropractic

Todd Nigro

Nigro Development LLC

Virginia Knudsen

Founder and CEO

Virginia is a passionate and energetic leader, dedicated to helping executives and business owners seize opportunities and fulfill their personal potential. Using her unique skill set, she has filled roles as CEO, Entrepreneur, EVP/COO, and Executive Coach. As such, Virginia is one of an exclusive group of highly respected, trusted advisors who are experts in business leadership coaching. Virginia leads local CEO Mastermind groups and provides one-to-one coaching to top chief executives and business owners who are looking to more effectively manage the growth of their businesses, achieve significantly better results, while working fewer hours and improving their relationships.


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