Our Team

Rooted in community with a passion for leadership

About BOAR

BOAR is both inspiration and a path for action. The animal is fearless and headstrong, symbolizing truth, courage and confrontation. In the wild, the boar nature is to uncover what lies beneath the surface. They demand attention. They respect their senses. These qualities influence our values.

BOAR Declarations

We are Committed to Every Interaction Coming from Love, Integrity and Authenticity.

We Believe the Secret to Living is Giving and a Life in Contribution is well spent.

We Can Achieve Anything We Want By Supporting Others to Achieve What They Want.

Our Founders

Virginia Knudsen


Guy Wells

President, Wells Cargo Inc.

Michael Reiss

CEO, Southern Nevada Chiropractic

Todd Nigro

President, Nigro Development LLC

Personal and Professional Greatness is our Passion

The ability to form relationships based on love and integrity affects every aspect of your life. You become a better leader, business partner, colleague and friend and, most importantly, a more thoughtful, savvy and confident YOU.


To Create BOAR Communities Globally for the Benefit of Humanity.

To Engage, Educate, and Empower People To Live Courageously.

To Inspire Ourselves and those around Us to be Role Models for a World that Works.

To Have Fun, Be Grateful, and Enjoy Every Moment!

Our Team

Virginia Knudsen

Executive Coach

Bryan Lindsey

Executive Coach

Gwen Harvey

Executive Coach