Top Reasons CEOs Join a Mastermind Group

Thursday, August 12 | BOAR Room, Mastermind Group

When CEOs join a mastermind group, they receive support, knowledge, and guidance valuable for addressing and overcoming both professional and personal challenges. A mastermind group is a gathering of like-minded peers who strive to provide support and advice. These groups can help CEOs achieve their desired results while improving their leadership skills. Below are some […]

Bryan Lindsey Joins BOAR as New Executive Coach

Tuesday, June 1 | BOAR Room, Executive Coach

We’re delighted to announce that Bryan Lindsey has joined the BOAR Courageous Community as our new Executive Coach. Bryan will be coaching CEOs, executives, and business owners to achieve their own personal and professional greatness. Bryan’s vast experience combined with his core principles of taking action, accountability, focus, teamwork, results, and his deeply rooted passion […]

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