One of the hallmarks of a successful CEO is leadership accountability. Even though it seems like a simple concept, accountability is a trait many business leaders and CEOs struggle with.

Accountability has a trickle-down effect; accountable leaders produce accountable employees. An environment that encourages responsibility strengthens relationships, builds trust, and minimizes the cost of mistakes. Check out a few ways CEOS can improve and promote leadership accountability.

Define Your Values

To boost your leadership accountability, you should define what values will direct your actions, words, and thoughts. Then, decide what matters are most important to you, and use these values to drive your decisions.

It isn’t always easy to be accountable or make hard decisions. However, your values will guide and encourage you when you’re making hard decisions or feeling like slacking on your accountability.

Create Goals and Measure Your Progress

Accountability and goals go together. It’s essential to set goals that you remain accountable to, and increasing your accountability helps you reach your goals. Demonstrating accountability is difficult when you don’t know what you need to be accountable for. However, completing the tasks necessary to achieve a goal indicates that you’re dedicated to the goal even when it’s easier to quit.

To optimize your results, set SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. A SMART goal provides a sense of direction, motivation, and organization. In addition, since these goals are measurable, you have a gauge of your progress. Visual proof of your progression reinforces accountability.

Join a Group for Leadership Accountability Support

Some individuals successfully improve their leadership accountability on their own, but others benefit from peer support. Consistently meeting with a group of like-minded peers provides a source of outside accountability.

Our BOAR Room Mastermind Group provides excellent conversation, brainstorming, and problem-solving opportunities. Your peers will provide encouragement and constructive advice about any issues you’re struggling with. If you feel like your progress has stagnated, our groups offer tips for overcoming the stagnation.

Seek Help

Accountability doesn’t mean that you have to push through regardless of the situation. However, if you’re facing obstacles that you’re not sure how to deal with, it’s wise to seek help before you’re dealing with a crisis. You may need to adjust your goals, but seeking help proves that you’re dedicated to goals other than your own.

Need guidance or knowledge to improve your leadership accountability? Connect with BOAR today to expand your leadership skills!