In the United States, July is a time to celebrate freedom and independence as a Nation. Freedom is a powerful word. The concept of freedom is important on a personal level, a business level, and a societal level. When you live with freedom, you are essentially aiming to live an abundant life with the power to choose what you want to do and say. The idea of personal freedom is a hot topic these days. Do you currently experience freedom in your business? If not, keep reading to learn how to create more freedom and enhance your productivity while living a life of  prosperity. 

When you think about the word freedom, what do you picture? Perhaps less stress or anxiety around day-to-day functions, more free time to spend with your loved ones, or financial freedom both personally and professionally. These can all be wonderful freedoms to enjoy, and maybe there are others that come to mind. The important thing to focus on is how to create freedom in your business so that you can experience all of the benefits freedom has to offer, and more. 

Before we explore freedom from a business perspective, let’s first take a look at the bigger picture. You can only experience freedom in business when there are a few key things in place: trust with the team, positive company culture, workflows, and systems running smoothly. If you can’t trust your business to operate without you, you have no freedom. Trust is the backbone of any successful business, and where there is trust, there is growth. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog around trust in the workplace. 

Freedom In Business 

We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.” – William Faulkner

To create freedom, you need to put certain practices in place. The rewards from these consistent practices are endless. Follow the steps below to move towards the freedom you seek. 

Clear Boundaries

Boundaries are essential to creating freedom and can sometimes be difficult, especially if you have people-pleasing tendencies or want to control everything happening in the business. When you practice discipline in setting boundaries, you are actually prioritizing your time more wisely. Say “no” to the unnecessary tasks or distractions that rob your freedoms or are not serving your long-term business goals. Save your time and energy for the activities that only you can do, putting boundaries in place and trusting your team to handle the rest. 

Know Your Business Worth

Regardless of any wins or challenges your business faces, know your business worth. You are a top leader, and you deserve freedom to run the show and freedom to step back when needed. Be confident that your business can run smoothly with or without you there. If you don’t have confidence in your business worth, your team won’t have confidence when you’re not around.   

Structure and Organization

No matter what type of freedom you seek in business, it is crucial to get organized. Plan ahead, and you will have less stress and more freedom when you need it most. Ensure everyone on the team has the tools and resources needed to be successful. When everyone is on the same page and working together, workflows are optimized, and structured systems will enhance your business freedoms. 

Start Building More Business Freedom

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