Based on recent extensive studies by McKinsey, Harvard, Wharton, and other preeminent sources discover new strategies and tactics to help you and your sales team close deals faster during this pandemic from John Asher of ASHER Strategies. John discusses how buyer behavior and selling techniques have changed over the past six months and what you can do to adapt your selling techniques. This webinar provides you with actionable insights to adjust your habits immediately to this unique selling environment. As selling is a critical part of any business, this is one webinar you don’t want to miss!

  • Learn new ways to sell during these unprecedented times, including how to sell better virtually
  • Understand the shifting behaviors buyers are facing right now during the pandemic
  • Recognize what your buyers now value and want from salespeople
  • Determine how to focus your sales team efforts in this new landscape
  • Uncover different actions you can take with customers and prospects to close the deal faster