This offers our members the opportunity to:

  • Stay focused in challenging business operating environments.
  • Learn how to be more agile, creative, & courageous in this difficult business environment.
  • Explore case studies where other business leaders faced great crises in turbulent times and discover how they mitigated their business risks and were able to find a pivot point.
  • Explore how to put together your own innovative crisis war room.
  • Explore the possibilities of what could come next for your business in terms of innovation, a remote workforce and potential streamlined processes.
  • Explore the opportunity to create a more nimble, collaborative and innovative workforce.
  • Learn how to navigate existing and new government programs and the ever-changing landscape in this space.
  • Learn what it means to “never let a crisis go to waste!”

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Be Agile, Creative & Courageous
in a Time of Crisis

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.”
– Winston Churchill

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May 7th | 9-10:30 AM

We understand that this is a busy time for CEOs and executives, that’s why we’ve put together a video recording of our May 7th webinar, so you can take advantage of these valuable insights whenever is convenient for you.

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