No goal is insurmountable, as long as you have a plan.

Know where you want to be. Then know how to get there. Strategic planning is the path.

You’ll learn the basics of planning, why it’s crucial, and how to make a plan that works for your business.

The BOAR Strategic Planning program will help you dive deep into your business. Your culture. Your people. Your assets and your liabilities. You’ll learn how to think strategically, act strategically, and—most importantly—leverage your skills and attributes while acquiring new ones.

Over the course of 2 – 3 days, you will learn from a facilitator with vast real-world experience. With our guidance, you will develop your own plan and take action.

Along the way, you will find the truth of your company and its value. In that, you will find truth and value of your own.


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Set goals

Identify challenges and opportunities

Determine processes

Implement changes

Assess and evaluate


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